Understand the communities building the future.

Chainverse connects people to the knowledge they need to make an impact through innovative Web3 communities. Chainverse is powered by a community-maintained knowledge graph.
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Use cases
Discover communities
Find communities worth investing your time, energy, and money.
Evaluate communities
Gather the right information to understand whether a community is a good fit for you.
Identify best practices
Struggling with an operational challenge? Learn from the successes (and failures) of other communities.
Stay on top of developments
Drowning in Twitter and Discord? Our community curates key developments across Web3.
Share knowledge
Enrich Chainverse and your communities by sharing your knowledge and passions.
Join our Genesis Curator Program
Become a Curator on Chainverse Beta and contribute to the collective intelligence graph and create data streams of your knowledge that can plug into other applications. As a Curator, you weave information from across frontier communities into narratives that connect explorers to their passions.

Sounds up your alley? Fill out the Expression of Interest to apply to be part of the Curator Beta program! 
What can Chainverse do for me?
Chainverse helps you discover
It can be challenging to find your communities without a map. Chainverse guides you to DAOs and other Web3 communities aligned with your passions, availability, and values.
Chainverse helps you find
  • Search communities to find opportunities to contribute that fit your interests, skills, and availability.
  • Share knowledge to help your communities attract and retain new members.
Chainverse helps you parse
  • View feedback from prospective and existing community members.
  • Share resources to help newcomers understand whether your community is a good fit.
Chainverse helps you learn
Learn from the experience of communities and builders who have faced similar challenges.
Chainverse helps you evaluate
Identify, evaluate, and compare investment opportunities with the most comprehensive DAO dataset.